Eugenia Basti
UX designer

Daily UI creative challenges

Goal: To boost my UI skills with 100 days of UI challenges.

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How it works

Doing daily projects is a challenging way to awaken the creative process. I receive daily the description of a challenge and my first step is to investigate the best practices there are out there. After a fast competitive benchmarking analysis I start roughly sketching my screens. Finally, I share my interactive prototypes. If you want to see my progress have a look at my Dribbble profile!

Error page animation

404 Error page for navigation website

After a short research I summarized the main design goals for an error page:

  • Explain what happened

  • Explain why it happened

  • Make sure there‚Äôs a clear next step to solve the problem

  • Make it friendly and on-brand

Daily UI creative challenges

404 Error page.

Sign in.

screen

For this challenge, I had to create a sign-in screen. I created the interactive artboards for a mountain hiking app.

Calculator app.

The calculator app made simple

In this project, my goal was to create a simple and intuitive calculator app. I made sure to include only the absolutely necessary functions to keep it simple, but also the conversion of units which is something very useful if one is traveling.

Interactive prorotype.

Profile & settings page

I created the profile page of a fitness app. I also developed the screen states appearing while editing the profile information.

Try out the prototype!

Follow the steps:

  • Ckeck goal achieved this week & back

  • Go to settings

  • Select edit profile

  • Edit the height

  • Save changes

  • Go back

Daily UI creative challenges

Landing page

This is the landing page for a photographer. Without having any unnecessary info it provides information about services, work quality, pricing, and contact as well as a short description of the photographer.

Daily UI creative challenges

Landing page